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Joseph, N., Libunao, T., Herrmann, E., Bartelt-Hunt, S., Propper, C. R., Bell, J., & Kolok, A. S. (2022). Chemical toxicants in water: A GeoHealth perspective in the context of climate change. GeoHealth, 6, e2022GH000675.


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The editorial focuses on four major themes contextualized in a virtual GeoHealth workshop that occurred from June 14 to 16, 2021. Topics in that workshop included drinking water and chronic chemical exposure, environmental injustice, public health and drinking water policy, and the fate, transport, and human impact of aqueous contaminants in the context of climate change. The intent of the workshop was to further define the field of GeoHealth. This workshop emphasized on chemical toxicants that drive human health. The major calls for action emerged from the workshop include enhancing community engagement, advocating for equity and justice, and training the next generation.