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Vangipuram, S.L.T.; Mohanty, S.P.; Kougianos, E.; Ray, C. agroString: Visibility and Provenance through a Private Blockchain Platform for Agricultural Dispense towards Consumers. Sensors 2022, 22, 8227. s22218227


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It is a known fact that large quantities of farm and meat products rot and are wasted if correct actions are not taken, which may lead to serious health issues if consumed. There is no proper system for tracking and communicating the status of the goods to their respective stakeholders in a secure way. Consumers have every right to know the quality of the products they consume. Using monitoring tools, such as the Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT), and modern data protection techniques for storing and sharing, will help mitigate data integrity issues during the transmission of sensor records, increasing the data quality. The visibility state at the customer end is also improved, and they are aware of the agricultural product’s conditions throughout the real-time distribution process. In this paper, we developed and implemented a CorDapp application to manage the data for the supply chain, called “agroString”. We collected the temperature and humidity data using IoAT-Edge devices and various datasets from multiple sources. We then sent those readings to the CorDapp agroString and successfully shared them among the relevant parties. With the help of a Corda private blockchain, we attempted to increase data integrity, trust, visibility, provenance, and quality at each logistic step, while decreasing blockchain and central system limitations.