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Conductive concrete mixtures are described that are configured to provide EMP shielding and reflect and/or absorb, for instance, EM waves propagating through the conductive concrete mixture. The conductive concrete mixtures include cement, water, conductive carbon material, magnetic material, and metallic conductive material. The conductive carbon material may include conductive carbon particles, conductive carbon powder, and/or coke breeze. The metallic conductive material may include steel fibers, and the magnetic material may include taconite. The conductive concrete mixture may also include supplementary cementitious materials (SCM). A method of making a concrete structure includes pouring a concrete mixture to form conductive concrete, and positioning a first conductive screen within the conductive concrete proximate to an exterior surface of the conductive concrete. The method also includes positioning a second conductive screen within the conductive concrete in electrical contact with the first conductive screen.