Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Mamac, O., Kelly, W. E., and Landa, I., "Geoelectrics in Comprehensive Ground Water Contamination Studies," Current Practices in Ground Water and Vadose Zone Investigations, ASTM STP 1118, David M. Nielsen and Martin N. Sara, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia, 1992.


Copyright 1992 by ASTM International. Used by permission.


A suite of geoelectric techniques were used to characterize an aquifer for a pollution study. Vertical electrical soundings were used to define aquifer layer resistivities and thicknesses. Porosities, hydraulic conductivities, and transmissivities were then estimated from the resistivities and thicknesses. The mise-a-la-masse method was used to define direction of flow, tracer velocity, and dispersion coefficients. Finally, borehole logging was used to obtain additional information on porosities and velocities.