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Published in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 66:1 (January 2004), pp. 122–123. Copyright © 2004 Catholic Biblical Association of America.


This commentary, which covers Deut 21: 10-34:12, is the second volume of Duane Christensen’s massive work on Deuteronomy (the revised first volume. WBC 6A, encompasses 1:1–21:9) in the WBC series. The series is written from an evangelical Christian perspective, and each volume follows the same format, presenting an exposition of the text in the original language (Hebrew or Greek). Each volume contains an original translation by the author, with explicating notes and commentary. ... On the whole, however, C. has done a marvelous job distilling the vast field of Deuteronomic research into a usable commentary. This volume, along with its companion, is an important new addition to any collection of commentaries on Deuteronomy.

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