Classics and Religious Studies


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Speculum Jan 2015, Volume 90, Issue 1, pp. 271 - 272


Paul’s Letter to the Romans is the fullest account of Paul’s overall theology, and hence is the primary document for understanding the earliest Christian thought. Commentaries on the Letter to the Romans generally provide theologians the perfect venue with which to depict their understanding of the basic elements of Christianity, and it would follow that students and proponents of medieval scripture exegesis and theology should have ready access to Romans commentaries in translation. Thomas Aquinas’s commentary has recently become more widely available, and a translation of William of St. Thierry was published by Cistercian Publications in 1980, but until this volume, relatively little else has been available in English. The late H. Lawrence Bond, one of the founders of this series, decided that the time was ripe to provide a collection of the medieval commentators who were the most influential in the development of the theology of the age, and began this task but did not live to complete it. His coeditors worked to bring his translations into their final form and provided translations of other works; this volume serves as a worthy memorial to Larry’s scholarship and spirit.