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January 1993


Published in Journal of Biblical Literature 112:1 (1993), pp. 23-42. Copyright © 1993 the Society for Biblical Literature Used by permission.


The purpose of this article is to present three hitherto unpublished manuscripts (part of the twenty-one Deuteronomy manuscripts from Cave 4, Qumran): 4QDta, 4QDtd, and 4QDtg. These three manuscripts are placed together in this article because each has a particular feature of interest: 4QDta is the oldest of the Cave 4 Deuteronomy manuscripts; 4QDtd contains a very defective orthography; and 4QDtg presents a text identical to that of the Masoretic text. In the body of the article, each manuscript is presented separately, beginning with a description of the physical characteristics of each manuscript. This description is followed by a complete transcription (with reconstruction), with a set of notes on the readings and a textual apparatus. Photographs of each manuscript are included with the transcription.

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