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January 1969


Published in Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, Vol. 100. (1969), pp. 607-612. © 1969 American Philological Association. Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Used by permission. "Stable URL" (for JSTOR subscribers) =


How did the text of Apuleius' Apology originate? The question has seldom drawn the attention of scholars. Those who have dealt with it simply assume that Apuleius worked out and elaborated upon whatever he had actually said in court and then had the finished version published. Paul Vallette thus assumes Apuleius must have reworked the speech. Adam Abt is so confident that the Apology was improved and augmented that he attempts to determine which sections would have been added for publication. Georg Misch writes: "He brilliantly defended himself ... and he then published a long and lively version of his speech.", The purpose of this article is to offer an alternative to this somewhat blithe assumption. There is external evidence, partly from other sources and partly from Apuleius himself, to indicate that the speech could have been recorded and published by stenographers.

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