Classics and Religious Studies


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September 1972


Published in THE CLASSICAL WORLD, SEPTEMBER 1972, VOL. 66, № 1; WHOLE № 1360, p. 50. Copyright 1972 Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Reprinted with permission of the editor of The Classical World.


This work examines the demonology of the Apology, De Mundo, De Deo Socratis, Florida, and De Dogmate Platonis in various aspects, noting places where De Mundo transmutes the meaning of its Greek model, the Peri Kosmou. These changes in meaning Dr. Regen shows to be systematic; they align the Latin version with Plato’s Symposium in places, and with Apuleius’ principles generally. Some changes may be illusory: does “rex omnium et pater” differ enough from ho panton hegemon kai genetor that conclusions can be drawn from the difference? Most changes, though, are more substantive. The sum is a useful study, and a cohesive argument for De Mundo as a genuine work of Apuleius.

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