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January 1996


Published in Hebrew Studies 37 (1996), 190–192. Copyright © 1996 National Association of Professors of Hebrew. Used by permission.


The Dead Sea Scrolls Today is the best of the new “introductions” to the Dead Sea Scrolls which have been published in the last two or three years. The author, James VanderKam, is a senior member of the international publication team working to publish the Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts under the leadership of Emanuel Tov of the Hebrew University, Thus, he is at the forefront of Scroll research. In this volume, VanderKam has used his in timate knowledge of the Scrolls to present the reader with a thorough, scholarly, yet accessible treatment of the major issues surrounding Dead Sea Scroll research.

All-in-all, this is an excellent book, suitable for graduate surveys, undergraduate courses, and private use by interested persons. It is an attrac tive book as well, easy to read and with excellent photographs. VanderKam has rendered a much-needed service to the Dead Sea Scrolls by presenting such a thoughtful, well-reasoned and balanced treatment.

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