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Published in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 71:2 (April 2009), pp. 434-437. Copyright © 2009 Catholic Biblical Association of America.


The contributions in the volume include “Foreword,” by John J. Collins (p. vii); “Introduction: Qumran Archaeology in Search of a Consensus,” by Katharina Galor and Jürgen Zangenberg (pp. 1-9); “Some Remarks on the Archaeology of Qumran,” by Jean-Baptiste Humbert (pp. 19-39); “The 1996 Excavations at Qumran and the Context of the New Hebrew Ostracon,” by James F. Strange (pp. 41-54); “Back to Qumran: Ten Years of Excavation and Research, 1993–2004,” by Yizhak Magen and Yuval Peleg (pp. 55-113); “Hedging the Holy at Qumran: Walls as Symbolic Devices,” by Joan Branham (pp. 117-31); “Kh. Qumran in Period III,” by Joan E. Taylor (pp. 133- 46); “The Legacy of an Error in Archaeological Interpretation: The Dating of the Qumran Cave Scroll Deposits,” by Gregory L. Doudna (pp. 147-57); “A Table in the Wilderness: Pantries and Tables, Pure Food and Sacred Space at Qumran,” by Stephen J. Pfann (pp. 159-78); “Facts and Results Based on Skeletal Remains from Qumran found in the Collectio Kurth—A Study in Methodology,” by Olav Röhrer-Ertl (pp. 181-93); “A Reconsideration of the Human Remains in the French Collection from Qumran,” by Susan G. Sheridan and Jaime Ullinger (pp. 195-212); “The Discovery and Excavation of the Khirbet Qazone Cemetery and Its Significance Relative to Qumran,” by Konstantinos D. Politis (pp. 213-19); “Qumran in the Second Temple Period: A Reassessment,” by Yizhar Hirschfeld (pp. 223-39); “Agricultural Development in Antiquity: Improvements in Cultivation and Production of Balsam,” by Joseph Patrich (pp. 241-48); “Was There Agriculture at Qumran?” by Magen Broshi and Hanan Eshel (pp. 249-52); “The Production of Indigo Dye in the Installations of Ain Feshka,” by Mireille Bélis (pp. 253-61); “Qumran and the Hasmonaean and Herodian Winter Palaces of Jericho: The Implication of the Pottery Finds for the Interpretation of the Settlement at Qumran,” by Rachel Bar-Nathan (pp. 263-77). ... Those hoping for a new consensus on the archaeology of Qumran will be disappointed, for no such consensus emerges.

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