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J. Appl. Cryst. (2016). 49, 1818–1826.
doi 10.1107/S1600576716011109


Copyright 2016 International Union of Crystallography. Used by permission.


In numerous research fields, especially the applications of electron and X-ray diffraction, stereographic projection represents a powerful tool for researchers. SPICA is a new computer program for stereographic projection in interactive crystallographic analysis, which inherits features from the previous JECP/SP and includes more functions for extensive crystallographic analysis. SPICA provides fully interactive options for users to plot stereograms of crystal directions and crystal planes, traces, and Kikuchi maps for an arbitrary crystal structure; it can be used to explore the orientation relationships between two crystalline phases with a composite stereogram; it is also used to predict the tilt angles of transmission electron microscopy double-tilt and rotation holders in electron diffraction experiments. In addition, various modules are provided for essential crystallographic calculations.