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Date of this Version

April 2006


Published by Am Inst of Physics. J. Appl. Phys. 99, 08M701 2006. Copyright 2006. Permission to use.


Dy1-xPrx(Fe0.35Co0.55B0.1)2 (0≤x≤1) Laves compounds with a cubic MgCu2-type structure were synthesized by arc melting and subsequent annealing. The lattice parameter of the Laves compounds linearly increases, while the Curie temperature Tc decreases with increasing Pr content. The saturation magnetization M5 at 5 K or 295 K for the Dy1-xPrx(Fe0.35Co0.55B0.1)2 alloys decreases to reach a minimum, then increases with increasing Pr content. The composition for magnetic moment compensation is about x=0.55 at 295 K and x=0.65 at 5 K, respectively. The magnetostriction λ or λ˔ at room temperature was investigated either parallel or perpendicular to the applied field using a standard strain gauge technique. Structural and magnetic properties of Laves compounds Dy1-xPrx(Fe0.35Co0.55B0.1)2 (0≤x≤1)