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AIP Advances 6, 056013 (2016)


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This work is focused on the effects of Bi substitution on the synthesis of CoPt nanoparticles with the L10 structure using a modified organometallic approach. The structural and magnetic properties of the nanoparticles have been studied and compared directly with those of CoPt nanoparticles synthesized by the same tech- nique but in the absence of Bi substitution. The as-synthesized particles at 330 ◦C have an average size of 11.7 nm and a partially ordered L10 phase with a coercivity of 1 kOe. The coercivity is increased to 9.3 kOe and 12.4 kOe after annealing for 1 hour at 600 and 700 ◦C. The structural and magnetic properties suggest that Bi promotes the formation of ordered L10 phase at low temperatures leading to the development of high coercivities.