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Published in Microscopy Today 2022 November, pp. 20-27

doi:10.1017/S1551929522001304 ;


Published by Cambridge University Press. Used by permission.


Contrast transfer function (CTF) is a vital function in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). It expresses to what extent amplitudes converted from the phase changes of the diffracted waves contribute to the TEM image, including the effects of lens aberrations. Simulation is very helpful to understand the application of the function thoroughly. In this work, we develop the CTFscope as a component in the Landyne software suite, to calculate the CTF with temporal and spatial dumping envelopes for conventional TEM and to extend it to various aberrations (up to fifth order) for aberration-corrected (AC)- TEM. It also includes effects on the CTF and imaging due to the objective aperture and image drift for tutorial purposes. The CTFscope has a user-friendly graphical interface for simulation, visualization, saving, and loading of the microscopy conditions and results. It can be used to explore instrumental performance information due to optical aberrations, effects on the resolution of a TEM and AC-TEM, and for teaching electron microscopy courses.