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Published in Microscopy and Microanalysis, 29 (Suppl 1), 2023, 737–738



Published by Oxford Academic for Microscopy Society of America.


Landyne software suite (version 5) includes fifteen standalone computer programs for materials characterization and crystallography by transmission electron microscopy [1]. A launcher interface is provided for users to access all components conveniently. The purpose of this software suite is twofold: i) as research tools to analyze experimental results, ii) as teaching tools to explore the varieties of electron diffraction methods and crystallographic image processing principles.

The Landyne suite previously included: PTable, an interactive periodic table of elements; SVAT, a structural visual and analytical tool; SAED and PCED, simulation and analysis of electron diffraction (spot and ring) patterns; QSAED and QPCED, the processing and quantification of electron diffraction (spot and ring) patterns; HOLZ, simulation and analysis of higher-order Laue zone patterns; TEMUC, determination of crystal unit-cell using experimental electron diffraction results with a double-tilt holder in TEM; SPICA, a stereographic projection for interactive crystallographic analysis.