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Determination of third-order elastic constants of langasite single crystals through force-frequency effect.

Haifeng Zhang, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Joseph A. Turner, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
J S. Yang

Document Type Article

Published in J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 121, No. 5, Pt. 2, May 2007. Permission to use.


Langasite resonators are of recent interest for a variety of applications because of their good temperature behavior, good piezoelectric coupling, low acoustic loss, and high Q factor. Third-order elastic constants are responsible for many nonlinear effects associated with langasite resonators including the force-frequency effect. This effect describes the shift in resonant frequency a resonator experiences due to the application of a mechanical load. The determination of the third-order elastic constants through the force-frequency effect relies on an accurate theoretical understanding of this effect. In this article, expressions for the frequency shift of langasite resonators subjected to a pair of diametric forces are obtained using the perturbation integral in conjunction with the finite element method. Experimental measurements of the force-frequency effect for various langasite resonator samples with plano-plano configuration are also discussed. The third-order elastic constants of langasite single crystals are extracted based on the measured data in conjunction with the derived expressions. The results are compared with previous measurements of third-order elastic constants for langasite obtained using transit-time methods.