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Date of this Version

June 2003


Published in J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 113 (6), June 2003. © 2003 Acoustical Society of America. Used by permission.


The scattering of elastic waves in a medium with damage from microcracking is discussed. The influence of damage from penny-shaped microcracks within a homogeneous medium is considered. The microcracks are assumed to be randomly oriented and uniformly distributed. Explicit expressions are derived for the attenuation of longitudinal and shear elastic waves in terms of the damage parameter and the effective elastic moduli of the medium. A generalized tensor-based approach is used such that the results are coordinate free. The derivation is based upon diagrammatic methods. The problem is formulated in terms of the Dyson equation, which is solved for the mean field response within the limits of the first-order smoothing approximation. The longitudinal and shear attenuations are discussed in terms of their frequency dependence and damage dependence. In particular, the attenuations are shown to scale linearly with the damage parameter.