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Barbour, E.H. 1914. A New Longisrostral Mastodon from Cherry County, Nebraska. Nebraska Geological Survey. pp. 20.




During the season of 1914, field work in the fossil regions was pushed less vigorously than usual owing to lack of funds. N evertheless some interesting and valuable material was obtained by the N ebraska Geological Survey, notably the great mandible of a new longirostral mastodon from Cherry County, together with associated tusk and bones.

The mastodon constituting the basis of this paper was found in the exposnres bordering the Snake River in section 33, range 30 west, and township 32 north. The talus slope was strewn with fragments of the tusk and bone of a mastodon. This led the field party to search for the source of the bones higher up the canyon, where they found the mere tip of a tusk exposed in a cattle path. \Vhile unearthing this, certain associated bones were found, and finally the great mandible shown in the accompanying figures. It is assumed from the close association of these parts that they are related. Work in this qnarry will be resumed later, in the hope of recovering the skull and other bones of this individual.