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Barbour, E.H. 1913. Cement Manufacture in Nebraska. Lincoln: Nebraska Geological Survey. vol. 4, part 7. pp. 70.




It is the purpose of this paper to briefly review the history of cement manufacture in the State, to call attention to certain promising exposures of cement rock, and to report upon the first modern cement mill in Nebraska. Not that this State has been slow in recognizing cement as one of the most important modern constructional materials; or slow to recognize the need of developing its natural resources; but due rather to a combination of circumstances. For at least twenty years, many Nebraskans have had in mind the importance of establishing cement plants in this State. Furthermore encouraging inducements have been held out by cities, railroads, and large cement users, who have offered to take, for several years in advance, the total product of any such mills. This is manufacturing with a guaranteed market. It is generally understood that a small cement mill is not profitable, and that to build a large mill must involye heavy expenditures. Therefore the manufacture of cement in Nebraska had to await the time when men of ample means should become interested. The history of cement manufacture in Nebraska is brief, and may be recounted to advantage in this preliminary paper.