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Carlson, M. P., 1967. Precambrian Well Data in Nebraska, Including Rock Type and Surface Configuration. Lincoln: Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 123.




This bulletin presents, in tabular form, information relating to the Precambrian surface and includes a configuration map of this surface in Nebraska. The data from all of the 1460 deep tests reaching the Precambrian as of January 1, 1966 are listed. It is anticipated that further studies utilizing this data will be made due to the important influence of the Precambrian surface on later sedimentation and structure and the possibility of minerals of economic importance being present in Precambrian rocks. Specific information for each well and samples, except as noted in the tabulation, are on file and available for study in the offices of the Nebraska Geological Survey. Separate copies of the included configuration map and blue-line copies of this map at a scale of 1:500,000 are available. Blue-line copies of the detailed configuration of the Precambrian surface for an eleven county area in southwestern .Nebraska and a thirteen county area in southeastern Nebraska are available at a scale of 1:250,000.

Map of Precambrian surface attached below ( 9 MB jpg)

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Map of Precambrian surface of Nebraska