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A High Peak of Architectural Progress

Some little while ago there appeared on this page a saying to the effect that progress is a blind succession of events fully exposed only through the agency of a capable interpreter. This issue of American Architect is proof of that contention. The Nebraska State Capitol—to which the issue is entirely devoted—is much more than an excellent example of unusual monumental design or even a symbol of democratic government. It marks an important period in the history of building progress. In many ways the architectural genius of Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue dramatized in this design a peak in the history of building accomplishment. As a break from the precedent of tradition the Nebraska State Capitol did much to advance a new and more virile architectural philosophy. From the engineering standpoint the building embodies the cumulative results of American energy, inventive skill and organizing ability; and from all combined points of view it stands as a remarkable interpretation of innumerable events that have shaped the progress of American art. industry and democratic government. For any one of these reasons American Archltect might be proud to publish the Nebraska State Capitol. In combination they make an entire issue necessary to present exclusively a most outstanding example of architectural progress.

The Nebraska State Capitol — By Charles Harris Whitaker

Highlights of The Capitol's History — By John Edwards

A Record of Successful Experiments — By Harry F. Cunningham, A.I.A

Symbolism and Inscriptions — By Hartley B. Alexander, Hon. A.I.A.

Color in the N ehraska StateCapitol

Not in the Specifications — By Oscar H. Murray, A.I.A.

An Outline of Mechanical Service Equipment — Meyer, Strong & Jones, Engineers

The Story of the Capitol's Construction — By Emile H. Praeger

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue • Exterior Views and Details of North Facade • Exterior Views and Details of South Facade • Plans, Elevations and Details • The Foyer • The Rotunda • The Senate Chamber • The House Chamber • Supreme Court Rooms • Memorial Hall • Governor's Reception Room • Senate Lounge

Cover Design by Ernest Born

Acknowledgements • As It Looks to the Editors • Trends and Topics of the Times • The Readers Have a Word to Say • New Materials • Books