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Burbach, Mark E., R.M. Joeckel, Brooke Mott, Gina Matkin. (2021) Nebraska Water Leaders Academy Final Report University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 53 pp.




Seventeen participants completed the 2021 Water Leaders Academy bringing the total number of graduates to 153 since the inception of the program in 2011. Assessments of participants’ transformational leadership skills, champion of innovation skills, water knowledge, engagement with water issues, civic capacity, entrepreneurial leadership behaviors, and boundary spanner abilities showed significant increases over the course of the year, according to both the participants and their raters. Feedback from the participants was highly positive and constructive. Academy planners are addressing participant concerns. Only minor changes are planned for the 2022 Academy curriculum. Results of the program assessment indicate that the curriculum is meeting Academy objectives. Most importantly, alumni have emerged as leaders in their communities and around the world.