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Young, A.R., Burbach, M.E., Lackey, S.O., Joeckel R.M., Shrestha, N., Westrop, J.P., 2023, Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report 2023. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Conservation and Survey Division, Nebraska Water Survey Paper 92, 24 pp.




This report is a synthesis of groundwater-level monitoring programs in Nebraska. It is a continuation of the series of annual reports and maps produced by the Conservation and Survey Division (CSD) of the University of Nebraska in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) since the 1950s. Groundwater-level monitoring began in Nebraska in 1930 to survey the state’s groundwater resources and observe changes in its availability on a regular basis. The CSD and USGS cooperatively developed, maintained, and operated an observation-well network throughout the state. These two agencies were responsible for collecting and archiving this information, and for making it available to the citizens.