Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction


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Spring 6-2022


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A novel inline inspection (ILI) approach using depth cameras array (DCA) is introduced to create high-fidelity, dense 3D pipeline models. A new camera calibration method is introduced to register the color and the depth information of the cameras into a unified pipe model. By incorporating the calibration outcomes into a robust camera motion estimation approach, dense and complete 3D pipe surface reconstruction is achieved by using only the inline image data collected by a self-powered ILI rover in a single pass through a straight pipeline. The outcomes of the laboratory experiments demonstrate one-millimeter geometrical accuracy and 0.1-pixel photometric accuracy. In the reconstructed model of a longer pipeline, the proposed method generates the dense 3D surface reconstruction model at the millimeter level accuracy with less than 0.5% distance error. The achieved performance highlights its potential as a useful tool for efficient in-line, non-destructive evaluation of pipeline assets.