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March 1995


Published in Coyotes in the Southwest: A Compendium of Our Knowledge. Symposium Proceedings, December 13–14, 1995, San Angelo, TX, edited by Dale Rollins, Calvin Richardson, Terry Blankenship, Kem Canon, and Scott Henke. Austin, Texas, 1996. Used by permission.


Perhaps one of the first mentions of the coyote (Canis latrans) by Anglos in early-day journalism was from Mask Twain's notes during his travels through the plains frontier in the early- to mid-19th century. Touring the frontier region before its inevitable subjugation to ranching and farming, Twain wrote of the coyote and its larger more infamous cousin, the wolf(C. lupus), In words which left no doubt to the reader the popular sentiments for such predators of the day Although derogatory in some respects, Twain did concede respect for Canis latrans and made mention of the tricks the coyote would play on domestic dogs as the wagons lumbered across the pristine landscape.