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NEBRASKA POLICY CHOICES 1989, ed. Miles T. Bryant, Patricia O'Connell, and Christine M. Reed (Omaha: Center for Public Affairs Research, 1989).


Copyright © 1989 University of Nebraska Board of Regents.


Nebraska has served handicapped children from birth to age 21 through special education and other services since 1978. But in 1991 Public Law 99-457 will include federal funding for preschool services and incentive grants for infants and toddlers. Because Nebraska has already been serving these populations, it will not receive new funds under the new law. States that will be taking advantage of the incentive funds will be looking to Nebraska-and other states with experience in serving handicapped infants and preschoolers-for precedence. Although under P.L. 99-457 policy has been set at the federal level, key state policy considerations remain. These include choosing the size of the population to be served, how to best serve the entire family, fostering interagency case coordination, developing appropriate intervention personnel, and solving funding problems.