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NEBRASKA POLICY CHOICES 1987, ed. Russell L. Smith (Omaha: Center for Applied Urban Research, 1987).


Copyright © 1987 University of Nebraska Board of Regents.


Research was undertaken during 1987 concerning prison overcrowding and displaced workers; the results are planned for publication in the 1988 edition of Nebraska Policy Choices.

A vital part of the process of producing each volume of Nebraska Policy Choices is the use of external academic and layperson reviewers. This year, 18 reviewers assisted in the process. (A list of reviewers is included at the end of the volume.) As with any review process, the reviewers did not always like what the authors were saying or how they were approaching the topic. Likewise, the authors did not always agree with the comments of the reviewers. In every instance, however, a good deal of reality therapy and useful exchange of ideas and information took place. The result is, I think, a much stronger set of chapters.