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Nucleic Acids Research, 2007, Vol. 35


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Prediction and elucidation of pharmacogenetic effects is important for facilitating the development of personalized medicines. Knowledge of polymorphism-induced and other types of drug response variations is needed for facilitating such studies. Although databases of pharmacogenetic knowledge, polymorphism and toxicogenomic information have appeared, some of the relevant data are provided in separate web-pages and in terms of relatively long descriptions quoted from literatures. To facilitate easy and quick assessment of the relevant information, it is helpful to develop databases that provide all of the information related to a pharmacogenetic effect in the same web-page and in brief descriptions. We developed a database, Pharmacogenetic Effect Database (PharmGED), for providing sequence, function, polymorphism, affected drugs and pharmacogenetic effects. PharmGED can be accessed at free of charge for academic use. It currently contains 1825 entries covering 108 disease conditions, 266 distinct proteins, 693 polymorphisms, 414 drugs/ligands cited from 856 references.