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Kejawa, Iwasan, Ed.D (2020) "Global Technology Economic Analysis Paradigm." International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, Vol: 68, Issue: 1, pp. 5-9.



Is true that it is not only the consumers that make the economy prospers? Business and government also play a role in the economy of a country and corporation. “The GLOBAL technology economy is driven perhaps by the example of a consumer-based society and capital driven citizenry," according to the article in the investor guide of 2013. The role of the government is very important in businesses, organizations and consumers alike depending on the decisions made by the government officials spending of the government. Research have indicated that dependencies of government, organizations, businesses and consumers are intertwine or intermediary. It is also found the management of losses especially the “Deadwieght technology losses losses” which are the losses of losses; examples are when consumers are lost due to pricing or when businesses are not providing excellent standard Computer or technology products and services.

Keywords: Organizations, Government, Businesses, Economy, Computer Products, Supply, Demand,Technologies, Management, Engineering, Computers, Pricing, Services, Risk, Privatization