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Mudassar, B.A.; Saha, P.; Wolf, M.; Mukhopadhyay, S. A Task-Driven Feedback Imager with Uncertainty Driven Hybrid Control. Sensors 2021, 21, 2610. https://




Deep Neural Network (DNN) systems tend to produce overconfident or uncalibrated outputs. This poses problems for active sensor systems that have a DNN module as the main feedback controller. In this paper, we study a closed-loop feedback smart camera from the lens of uncertainty estimation. The uncertainty of the task output is used to characterize and facilitate the feedback operation. The DNN uncertainty in the feedback system is estimated and characterized using both sampling and non-sampling based methods. In addition, we propose a closed-loop control that incorporates uncertainty information when providing feedback. We show two modes of control, one that prioritizes false positives and one that prioritizes false negatives, and a hybrid approach combining the two. We apply the uncertainty-driven control to the tasks of object detection, object tracking, and action detection. The hybrid system improves object detection and tracking accuracy on the CAMEL dataset by 1.1% each respectively. For the action detection task, the hybrid approach improves accuracy by 1.4%.