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Zhang, X.; Bradley, J. Rethinking Sampled-Data Control for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Sensors 2022, 22, 1525. 10.3390/s22041525


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Unmanned aircraft systems are expected to provide both increasingly varied functionalities and outstanding application performances, utilizing the available resources. In this paper, we explore the recent advances and challenges at the intersection of real-time computing and control and show how rethinking sampling strategies can improve performance and resource utilization. We showcase a novel design framework, cyber-physical co-regulation, which can efficiently link together computational and physical characteristics of the system, increasing robust performance and avoiding pitfalls of event-triggered sampling strategies. A comparison experiment of different sampling and control strategies was conducted and analyzed. We demonstrate that co-regulation has resource savings similar to event-triggered sampling, but maintains the robustness of traditional fixed-periodic sampling forming a compelling alternative to traditional vehicle control design.