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A. da Silva Oliveira Junior, D.A. Sant’Ana, M. Carneiro Brito Pache et al. Smart Agricultural Technology 1 (2021) 100020.


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The paper presents some results regarding the automatic mass estimation of Pintado Real fingerlings, using machine learning techniques to support the fish production process. For this purpose, an image dataset called FISHCV1206FSEG, was created which is composed of 1206 images of fingerlings with their respective annotated masses. Through the fish contours, the area and perimeter were extracted, and submitted to the J48, SVM, and KNN classification algorithms and a linear regression algorithm. The images were also submitted to ResNet50, In- ceptionV3, Exception, VGG16, and VGG19 convolutional neural networks. As a result, the classification algorithm J48 reached an accuracy of 58.2% and a linear regression model capable of predicting the mass of a Pintado Real fingerling with a mean squared error of 1.5 g. The convolutional neural network ResNet50 obtained an accuracy of 67.08%. We can highlight the contributions of this work through the presentation of a methodology to classify the mass of fingerlings in a non-invasive way and by the analyses and comparing results of different machine learning algorithms for classification and regression.