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Date of this Version

Spring 2022


Iwasan D. Kejawa, Ed. D (2022). Society Dilemma of Computer Technology Management in Today’s World. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, 70(1), 25-27. V70I1P105


Abstract - Is it true that some of the inhabitants of the world’s today are still hesitant in using computers? Research has shown that today many people are still against the use of computers. Computer technology management can be said to be obliterated by security problems. Research shows that some people in society feel reluctant or afraid to use computers because of errors and exposure of their privacy and their sophistication, which sometimes are caused by computer hackers and malfunction of the computers. The dilemma of not utilizing computer technology at all or, to its utmost, by certain people in the universe has absolutely posed a problem to the innovation of computers. This problem results in finding each time ways to simplify computers development and production and what they are meant to be used for. Every year new computers are being developed which makes the previous ones obsolete. They are developed to entice those who have not been utilizing them and to encourage those already using them by simplifying the features of the computers and improving their software and services. The doubt instilled in the mind of those not utilizing computer technology and those not using them to its utmost result in a flood of computers. Research shows that the computer technology market and its use are at their peak because developers and manufacturers think that the more improvements are made, the more there would be new users or customers. Therefore, they are developing and producing more computers. And this may create a flood.