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Published in IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. 25, NO. 6, AUGUST 2007. Copyright 2007 IEEE. Used by permission.


The survivable virtual topology routing problem is to route a virtual topology graph on a optical fiber physical topology such that the virtual topology remains connected when failures occur in the physical topology. In this work we study the problem of survivable virtual topology routing under single node/SRLG (Shared Risk Link Group) failure model. We prove that the survivable virtual topology routing problem under node/SRLG failures is NP-complete. We present an improved integer linear programming (ILP) formulation for computing the survivable routing of a virtual topology graph. However, ILP is not scalable when the network size scales more than a few tens of nodes. In this work, we present sub-classes of graphs which more accurately model an actual network and for which a survivable routing can be easily computed solving an ILP. We successfully computed the survivable routing of virtual topologies belonging to these sub-classes against link/SRLG failures for topologies of size up to 24 nodes.