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Shi, Lal & Choueiry in AAAI '04 Proceedings, AAAI 04 L. Pages 970-971. Copyright 2004, AAAI. Used by permission.


We study the performance of some known algorithms for solving the Simple Temporal Problem (STP) and the Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Problem (TCSP). In particular, we empirically compare the Bellman-Ford (BF) algorithm and its incremental version (incBF) by (Cesta & Oddi 1996) to the ΔSTP of (Xu & Choueiry 2003a). Among the tested algorithms, we show that ΔSTP is the most efficient for determining the consistency of an STP, and that incBF combined with the heuristics of (Xu & Choueiry 2003b) is the most efficient for solving the TCSP. We plan to improve ΔSTP by exploiting incrementality as in incBF and other new incremental algorithms.