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Published in the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 1996 (IGARSS '96): 'Remote Sensing for a Sustainable Future.', v. 2. Copyright 1996, IEEE. Used by permission.


amount of computational power to researchers at an affordable cost, making it feasible to use workstations rather than expensive supercomputers to perform scientific analysis of large data sets, such as the Global Land 1-Km AVHRR data. In addition to this, inexpensive high speed ATM networks have the potential to improve the overall computational efficiency of workstations by using several workstations in a distributed environment. This research studies the practicality of using distributed workstations interconnected with a 155 Mb ATM network for analysis and compression of the Global Land 1-Km AVHRR data versus sequential computing on one of the workstations. Performance comparisons are given for three algorithms associated with the compression of these data. Based on the test results, a discussion is given regarding the practicality of using a distributed system to enhance performance when processing global earth data.