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User Evaluations for Software Engineering Researchers (USER), 2013 2nd International Workshop on 2013 Pages: 9 - 12, DOI: 10.1109/USER.2013.6603078


Copyright 2013 IEEE. Used by permission.


Workspace awareness tools facilitate coordination among developers in a team by informing them of emerging conflicts due to parallel development. Several such tools have been introduced recently. However, evaluating such (collaborative) tools through user studies is nontrivial because it depends on the group dynamics and their development behavior. In this paper, we present the challenges in evaluating a collaboration tool geared towards minimizing conflicts by scheduling (independent) development tasks. We present the research questions that a user evaluation should answer along with the foreseen challenges in answering these questions. We would like to use the workshop to exchange opinions and feedback to refine the design of our user study and start a conversation on the challenges and methods for evaluating a collaborative development tools.