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P. Z. Revesz, Estimating the flight path of moving objects based on acceleration data, Proc. 1st International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Computational Techniques in Science and Engineering, WSEAS Press, pp. 37-40, Athens, Greece, November 2014.




Inertial navigation is the problem of estimating the flight path of a moving object based on only acceleration measurements. This paper describes and compares two approaches for inertial navigation. Both approaches estimate the flight path of the moving object using cubic spline interpolation, but they find the coefficients of the cubic spline pieces by different methods. The first approach uses a tridiagonal matrix, while the second approach uses recurrence equations. They also require different boundary conditions. While both approaches work in O(n) time where n is the number of given acceleration measurements, the recurrence equation-based method can be easier updated when a new measurement data is obtained.