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Published in the Proceedings of the International IEEE Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-94), v. 3 (November 13-16, 1994): 786-790. Copyright 1994, IEEE. Used by permission. DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.1994.413781


We present a system for the integration of computer vision tasks in a distributed environment. This system, called DeViouS, is based on the client/server model and runs in a heterogeneous environment of Unix workstations. It takes advantage of the free cycles in modern workstation environments to distribute and speed up the execution of vision tasks.

Two primary goals of DeViouS are to provide a practical distributed system and a research environment for vision computing. DeViouS is based on a modular design that allows experimentation in various aspects of algorithm design, scheduling and network programming. It can make use of any existing computer vision package with very minor changes to DeViouS. DeViouS has been tested in an environment of SUN and Digital workstations and has shown substantial improvements in speed over sequential computing with negligible overhead.