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Published in Early Childhood Education Journal, 2023



Copyright © 2023 Witte, Knoche, Sheridan, and Koziol, under exclusive license to Springer Nature B.V. Used by permission.


The use of data to inform instruction has been linked to improved student outcomes, early identification of intervention needs, and teacher decision-making and efficacy. Additionally, data are used as a means of accountability within educational settings. However, little is known about data use practices among early grades teachers. The purpose of the current study is to describe the data use of PreK to third grade teachers and to investigate differences in data use and support across grade levels. Participants were 307 early childhood teachers in PreK and early elementary school. Analysis of survey data revealed, overall, most teachers across grade levels collected observational data and direct assessments and data were predominantly used to inform instruction and determine if students are ready to learn new skills. In general, teachers indicated that support for data use is available. Results also indicate significant variation in data types, use, and support across PreK to third grade.