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Hanna, J., Hinrichs, K., Mahar, C., DeFrain, J., & Durden, T. (2010, January). Early Literacy Checklist—In the Home. NebGuide G1991. University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Copyright University of Nebraska 2010


StoryQUEST’s Vision: High-quality early relationships and experiences throughout their daily routines provide each infant and toddler with the tools and skills to build a strong foundation for future school readiness. Families, caregivers, and communities as a whole collaborate to enable all children to become highly competent in language and literacy. This series was developed as part of a national research project — StoryQUEST — through the California Institute on Human Services, Sonoma State University.

Follow a checklist of suggested activities and environments to help your child’s literacy development. This is the eighth publication in a series of nine.

This checklist represents the kinds of language and literacy development practices often seen in high-quality early childhood environments. The checklist encompasses all children birth to age 5 and is inclusive of the needs of children with disabilities and in English language learners.