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Presented to UNL Discipline-Based Education Research Group, 2012.


Copyright 2012, Kevin Lee.


This presentation will provide an overview of the web-based assessment engine MapleTA. This is a product that began at UNL in 1996 as eGrade, was developed as EDU in partnership originally with Wiley and later with Brownstone Learning, and very recently we began purchasing from MapleSoft as an enhancement to Blackboard. We will explore the tremendous promise of web-based assessment and acknowledge the educational research documenting this. Examples from UNL classes will be shown that require pre-class preparedness, provide unlimited practice opportunities through randomization, offer feedback, emphasize time management, and demonstrate the possibilities of high-tech content. I will also detail many of the challenges we face including shortcomings in MapleTA/Bb integration, a shortage of support resources, the challenges facing faculty in finding time for development and the lack of a reward structure for doing so, the need for centralized leadership (especially in testing centers), and the lack of commitment by administration to this technology.