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Abstract for DBER Group Discussion on 2013‐11‐21


Copyright (c) 2013 Krista L. Adams & Jenny Melander


The current UNL elementary teaching program does not include a science methods practicum in which pre‐service elementary teachers could observe and teach reformed based science lessons in the classroom setting. The science methods course was modified during Spring 2013 to address this missing component. The exploratory course engages pre‐service teachers in designing and implementing a science unit (a series of lessons) to be taught as a science club in an after school program for K – 5th grade students. In Fall 2013, the course experiences expanded to include collaborating with biomedical engineering students in connecting real‐world applications to teaching science. The objectives for the collaboration include:
1) Teaching science that connects real‐world applications to develop science literacy;
2) Elementary teachers: develop knowledge of teaching and learning science concepts; and
3) Biomedical Engineering Students: develop communication skills with the community.
This presentation is on the development of a program that emphasizes collaboration between content and pedagogy specialists and the initial ideas that each group holds towards teaching and learning science.