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Presented at DBER Group Discussion on 2015‐02‐19


Copyright (c) 2015 Lorna M. Dawes


The constantly evolving digital technologies have introduced exciting possibilities for library services while introducing new challenges for libraries in our contemporary academic environment. The UNL library system has sought to keep up with the demands of new technology, while retaining some of the core values of library services that have always valued focused and specific attention to the needs of its users. This presentation will explore some of the dynamic service possibilities that are becoming parts of our integrated model of service to scholars at our university. These include the Digital Commons, the new data Management Services, the Federal Depository Library Program, our E‐Text services and the Foundation Center Grants Database, along with our more traditional services like document delivery, Faculty Workshops and our various collaborative programs with other units of the university. By integrating advanced digital technological skills and traditional service protocols that involve close interaction with our key clients, we are effectively establishing a model for the relevance of the library for the future.