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A method for imbedding a dental implant includes the initial step of casting a model of the patient's jaw and teeth in the vicinity of the implant site. A pilot hole is drilled in the implant site of the model, correlating to the ideal angle and location of the implant in the patient's jaw. A guide rod is provided for forming a guide hole in a stent, with a generally cylindrical shaft and a screw portion mounted at the lower end of the shaft. The screw portion is threaded into the pilot hole with the upper portion of the guide rod projecting coaxially in the desired location of the implant. A stent is then fabricated on the model, with the upper end of the guide rod accessible to a removal tool. A crossed slot in the upper end of the guide rod permits use of a screwdriver to remove the guide rod from the stent and model, thereby forming a guide hole in the stent. The guide sleeve is then journaled in the guide hole in the stent, and the stent is placed onto the patient's jaw and teeth. A drill bit is journaled through the guide sleeve to form a guide bore in the patient's jaw, and then the stent is removed from the patient's jaw. Finally, a dental implant is embedded in the guide bore.