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Swinehart, J. B., and R. F. Diffendal, Jr. 1987. Duer Ranch, Morrill County, Nebraska: Contrast between Cenozoic fluvial and eolian deposition. Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide—North-Central Section, Trip 5: 23-28.


Copyright 1987, Geological Society of America.


The Duer Ranch locality contains some of the finest and most easily accessible examples of different styles of alluvial cuts and fills in the Cenozoic rocks of Nebraska. It offers a unique area in which to examine the geometries and alluvial fills of several Miocene and Pliocene age paleovalleys and paleo-gullies. Good exposures of eolian volcaniclastic siltstones and a regionally important volcanic ash of the Oligocene age Brule Formation are also present at the Duer Ranch locality. In addition, Quaternary ephemeral stream development and deposits can be studied.

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