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Diffendal, Robert F., Jr., and Anne P. Diffendal. 2014. Some reflections on our experiences at Sun Yat-sen University since 1985, pp. 130–143 (in Chinese) and 144–152 (in English) in Festschrift for the Department of Earth Science's 90th Anniversary. Guangzhou, China: Sun Yat-sen University Press.


Printed by Sun Yat-sen University Press, Guangzhou, China.

Note: Chinese: pp. 130–143; English: pp. 144–152


Professor Zhang Ke, Chairman of the Department of Earth Sciences at Sun Yat-sen University, has asked us to write about some of our memories from our several visits to Sun Yat-sen University, as part of the 2014 celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the university and the creation of the department. We are very pleased to do so and to include with our written comments copies of some photographs that we have taken during these visits. We have gone back through our notes, books, tourist maps, photo files, and other information that we have kept as souvenirs of the wonderful times we have had at the university. This review has enhanced our memories of how we came to be originally invited, what experiences we had on that first and subsequent visits, and how the university has changed in our view in the almost 35 years since we first came here in 1979.