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Association of American State Geologists, 95th Annual Meeting, Lincoln, Nebraska, June 15, 2003


The purpose of this trip is to familiarize you with the latest Pennsylvanian and earliest Permian rocks that are exposed in extreme southeastern Nebraska. You will see eight exposures of these rocks and will have ample opportunity to collect lithologic samples, as well as samples for both macro- and micro-fossils. The stops have been selected to show you examples of several different environments that existed in southeastern Nebraska in the late Paleozoic. These include subaerial deposits with paleosols, nearshore and offshore marine clastic and carbonate sequences. Each stop is covered in detail in the handouts that have been furnished to the trip participants. Subsequent readers will be able to find this information in the several references that are listed at the end of the text. All of the stops will be in Richardson and Pawnee counties.