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Geometrically Linked Ideals and Gorenstein Dimension

Mohsen Gheibi, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


This thesis consists of two chapters. Chapter one is devoted to the notion of geometric linkage in the context of modules. We generalize a theorem of Peskine and Szpiro about geometrically linked ideals in the context of modules. More precisely, we show that over an unmixed local ring R if a G-perfect R-module M is linked to an R- module: N by a quasi-Gorenstein ideal a and AssR(M)∩AssR( N) = ∅, then there exists a quasi-Gorenstein ideal b such that M⊕ R N: is free over R/b. We show that if an R- moduleM is horizontally linked to an R-module N such that AssR( M)∩AssR(N) =∅, then Tor R1 (M;N) = 0. Conversely, we prove that if R is Gorenstein, M is horizontally linked to N, and TorR1 (M;N ) = 0, then AssRM ∩ AssR N = ∅ provided AnnR(M) is linked to AnnR(N). In this case, AnnR(M) is geometrically linked to AnnR(N). Also, we provide several examples of Gorenstein local rings and horizontally linked modules M and N such that TorR1( M;N) = 0 but AssR(M) \ AssR( N) 6= ∅. In chapter two,first by using geometrically linked ideals, we give a construction for inffinitely many non-isomorphic indecomposable (totally re exive) modules, each minimally generated by a given number of elements. Next, we show that if a Cohen-Macaulay non-Gorenstein local ring (R;m; k) admits a non-free totally re exive module Mof minimal multiplicity, then the Poincaré series of M is a factor of the Poincarée series of the residuefield k. As a consequence, we show that over such a ring, if cxR( M) < ∞ then no syzygy of the residuefield has a non-zero direct summand offinite Gorenstein dimension.

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Gheibi, Mohsen, "Geometrically Linked Ideals and Gorenstein Dimension" (2018). ETD collection for University of Nebraska-Lincoln. AAI10827949.